American Expendables: The Films of North American Pictures is a new documentary currently in preproduction. In the late 80’s and early 90’s the low-budget action and horror film reigned supreme filling the shelves of your local video store. This feature length film involves the examination of an infamous film production company created by Leonard Shapiro and director and James Glickenhaus. The company released titles such as Maniac Cop, Basket Case 2, Red Scorpion and dozens of low-budget action films with stars such as Billy Blanks, Cynthia Rothrock, Roddy Piper, Bolo Yeung, Dolph Lungren and Jackie Chan. These films were shot typically on location with real sets and stunts on limited budgets. This a style of filmmaking is rare today and American Expendables is a fascinating deep-dive into a to the direct-to-video era.

Director Tom Seymour is most known for the successful VHS Massacre and MacLeod documentaries that have won nearly thirty awards collectively from festivals such as San Fransisco IndieFest, Cannes World, WorldFest Houston, Requiem FearFest and the Telly Awards! In addition the films have streamed everywhere from from MUBI, FilmRise, Prime, Shudder’s Mid-May-Massacre, Horror Hound Weekend to Troma Now! The VHS Massacre film are distributed by Troma Entertainment and feature Joe Bob Briggs, Debbie Rochon, Lloyd Kaufman, James Richardson and others. We’ve started a new podcast to research and examine some of the films in the catalogue. Here are the first two VHS Massacre Project Lab episodes and their are more episodes on the Podbean and Stitcher sites.

TC 2000 Project Lab

Tiger Claws Project Lab

The film will involve Executive Producer and Composer Tim Kulig Producers Debbie Rochon, Thom Demicco, James Richardson, Ken Powell

Basket Case Two Trailer

TC 2000 Trailer with Billy Blanks and Bolo Yeung

Tiger’s Claw Two with Cynthia Rothrock and Bolo Yeung

Black Roses Trailer