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We have officially began pre-production on a sequel to the VHS Massacre Documentary! VHS Massacres with begins shooing later this month with Debbie Rochon attached to the project as talent and producer! Drop us a message on Facebook if you have a lead on an interesting  film, interviewee or rare story involving physical media!

VHS Massacre is a five time award winning documentary and podcast! We cover independent, cult films and B-movies! With nearly 1,000,000 listens VHS Massacre Radio (formerly New York Cine) has been one of the most popular film podcasts for the last three years in a row on Podbean! From the creators on the Amazon Prime Documentary VHS MassacreVMR is not only a top rated podcast but it is a production company recently forming an alliance with Troma Studios to create the award winning feature length Amazon Prime Documentary VHS Massacre: Cult Films and the Decline of Physical Media and the original series Monster Kill that debuted  on the Troma Now streaming service. With hosts Tom Seymour Ken Powell, James Richardson.


“A Really Fantastic Documentary!”

-Ain’t it Cool News