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“A Really Fantastic Documentary!”

-Ain’t it Cool News

UPDATE! We are still working on VHS Massacre Too but so far James Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd), Joe Bob Briggs, Debbie Rochon, Lloyd Kaufman, Shawn C. Philips, J.R. Bookwalter (Full Moon) have joined the project! Also check out VHS Massacre Radio for updates wherever podcasts are available! 

VHS Massacre is a five time award winning documentary and podcast! We cover independent, cult films, B-movie and over the last few years we’ve gained nearly 2,000,000 listens. Ken Powell and Tom Seymour the creators of the Amazon Prime Documentary VHS Massacre formed an alliance recently with Troma Studios to create a sequel to the popular documentary! Seymour is of course no stranger to this type of content since he first started covering B-movies on Public Access TV in the late 90’s. He was also a founding member of Emmy Nominated Black20 and has worked at CBS, NBC, IGN, College Humor now Troma! VHS Massacre 2 is his 10th feature film!

Guests range from Joe Bob Briggs, Matt Hannon, Debbie Rochon, Juliette Danielle, Lloyd Kaufman, Eileen Dietz (Exorcist), Mel Johnson Jr. (Total Recall,Star Trek DS9), Greg Sestero, Chris Gore and many many others. In addition we seek out some of the best Indie movies the world has to offer and bring you round table discussions.