About VHS Massacre Radio

Become a Patron today! Our second documentary feature “VHS Massacre Too” will be released this year via Troma Entertainment, more information to come! VHS Massacre is a 25 time award-winning documentary feature series and podcast! We cover independent, cult films and B-movies! VHS Massacre Radio formerly New York Cinema has gained over two million listens over the last decade. We’ve also created two feature length, award winning documentary entitled VHS Massacre and VHS Massacre Too about the decline of physical media and exploitation films! The first film released through Rise Films and Troma is now available through  Amazon Prime  and other venues! With  hosts Tom Seymour, James Richardson and Chris Ferry. Visit tomseymourfilms for more info!

“A Really Fantastic Documentary!”

-Ain’t it Cool News

VHS Massacre Too is Infused with nostalgia, humor and passion…  without a doubt worth watching!”

-Jay Kay, HorrorHound

Some of our accomplishments from the past as NYCR!

VMR (formerly New York Cine Radio) has been discussing and promoting Independent, cult movies, B-movies and bad movies as well! VHS Massacre is a great NYC source for commercial free radio interviews with B-movie icons such as Lloyd Kaufman, Joe Bob Briggs, Debbie Rochon, Juliette Danielle (The Room), James Nguyen (Director of Birdemic), Deborah Reed (Troll2) Mel Johnson Jr. (Total Recall), Matt Hannon (Samurai Cop 1,2) and many more! 

For two years in a row NYCR was a Top Ten Most Popular TV/FILM Podcasts  on Podbean out of thousands of other shows making it one of New. In 2014 New York Cine Radio hit the #1 TV/FILM spot on Podbean and broke the top 34 podcasts in the Entertainment section of Stitcher Radio rivaling douchebags like Ryan Seacrest and Piers Morgan! It also hit #24 on the iTunes TV/Film video podcast.  





  1. Hey guys! Name is Edwin Viruet, I’m 24 years old and live in Forest Hills in Queens (right by the stadium). Love the documentary you guys did and the podcast A LOT. I loved the Lloyd Kaufman interview and the AVGN interview was fantastic. I’m a fellow extreme cinephile and I’m trying to break into the business in any way shape or form but my high school grades and family’s financial problems have taken a toll, I try to get financial aid to pay for me to go to film school but it’s not working out for me. I work many manual labor jobs and do event security. I know you guys are stationed in New York City, and I was wondering if there’s ANY way possible that I can be a production assistant or something to work for you guys. Even if it’s unpaid internship, I need to be around it. I need to be around cinema lovers, film, the people you interview, I love it all and I need to be around it. Please hit me up so we could maybe talk in more detail I could be a decent fit for you guys.

    1. Hi Edwin! Thanks for writing. You know, Troma Entertainment just posted that they are looking for volunteers on their Facebook page here. Be sure to research the company too see if you like their films (it’s not for everyone) before you reach out to them but here is the page.

      Also, have you considered LaGuardia Community College’s Film/TV program? New York Excelsior Scholarship Program is supposed to help with tuition assistance. I’d try to apply. I believe this is the correct link.

      In regard to volunteering for VHS Massacre, I’m very flattered but we’re really limited in the way we’re functioning right now. I do a podcast here and there from home when time allows and I’m trying to plan a new project but it’s something that’s going to take years and right now I’m not doing any film shoots.

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