About VHS Massacre Radio

For six years the VMR (formerly New York Cine Radio) has been discussing and promoting Independent, cult movies, B-movies and bad movies as well! VHS Massacre is a great NYC source for commercial free radio interviews with B-movie icons such as Lloyd Kaufman, Joe Bob Briggs, Debbie Rochon, Juliette Danielle (The Room), James Nguyen (Director of Birdemic), Deborah Reed (Troll2) Mel Johnson Jr. (Total Recall), Matt Hannon (Samurai Cop 1,2) and many more! In addition we seek out some of the best Independent films, B-movies and Bad movies the world has to offer and bring you round table discussions with hosts Tom Seymour, Ken Powell, James Richardson. Also if you are an Independent filmmaker and want to promote your project, drop us a line!


Some of our accomplishments from the past as NYCR!

For two years in a row NYCR was a Top Ten Most Popular TV/FILM Podcasts  on Podbean out of thousands of other shows making it one of New. In 2014 New York Cine Radio hit the #1 TV/FILM spot on Podbean and broke the top 34 podcasts in the Entertainment section of Stitcher Radio rivaling douchebags like Ryan Seacrest and Piers Morgan! It also hit #24 on the iTunes TV/Film video podcast.  

Co-director of VHS Massacre and Groom of the Bigfoot!

Ken Powell on facebook

Tom’s Filmmaker Website. Check out Tom’s twenty year film history! Tom is currently working on his tenth feature film. Recently has was given a National Board of Review Nomination and three Telly Awards for his work on the Toy Shop series and VHS Massacre Documentary!

Tom’s Wikipedia Page




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