Trailer for the Exorcism of Fleete Marish


Many years ago in the Acadian forest, a local sheriff and his oldest friend are forced to perform an exorcism in a remote cabin the woods. After discovering a man who was cursed by a demon located in a watery hollow, the two decide to fight back the only way they know how. Winner at the 2023 Cine Paris, Independent Horror Movie Awards, Horror Bowl and the Swedish Film Awards!

  • Tom Seymour Director – VHS Massacre, VHS Massacre Too
  • Jonathan Gorman Director –VHS Massacre (Producer)
  • Tim Kulig Executive Producer – VHS Massacre Too, MacLeod
  • Sheri Lynn Producer – London Betty


  • Richard Boland Key Cast”Sheriff” Diane
  • Marc Bovino Key Cast”Demon” The Bite
  • Debbie Rochon Key Cast”Deborah” Colour from the Dark
  • Phil Hall Key Cast “Marish” Diane
  • Margaret Rose Champagne – Margaret – Inside Amy Schumer
  • Ellen Muth – Natalia – Dead Like Me


Full list of festival wins and screenings

  • Cine Paris Film Festival
    Winner: Best Horror Feature
  • Horror Bowl Move Awards
    Winner: Best Experimental Horror Feature
  • Independent Horror Movie Awards
    Winner: Best Music
  • Sweden Film Awards
    Winner Best Experimental Film
  • Thrills and Chills Film Awards
    Nomination for “Best Monster”
  • Horror Island Film Festival
    Best Horror Feature Nomination
  • Halluciana Film Festival
    Best Horror Film Nomination
  • Int. Independent Film Awards in CA
    Gold Winner: Best Original Score & Special Effects
  • Scream Queen Film Festival
  • Top Indie Awards
    Best Music & Best Spirit Nomination
  • International Sound & Film Music Festival
    Official Selection
  • Independent Horror Movie Awards
    Best Atmosphere Nominee
  • Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions at Pinewood Studios
    Official Selection