Trailer for the Exorcism of Fleete Marish


Many years ago in the Acadian forest, a local sheriff and his oldest friend are forced to perform an exorcism in a remote cabin the woods. After discovering a man who was cursed by a demon located in a watery hollow, the two decide to fight back the only way they know how. Winner at the 2022 Independent Horror Movie Awards, The Horror Bowl and the Swedish Film Awards!

  • Tom Seymour Director – VHS Massacre, VHS Massacre Too
  • Jonathan Gorman Director –VHS Massacre (Producer)
  • Tim Kulig Executive Producer – VHS Massacre Too, MacLeod
  • Sheri Lynn Producer – London Betty


  • Richard Boland Key Cast”Sheriff” Diane
  • Marc Bovino Key Cast”Demon” The Bite
  • Debbie Rochon Key Cast”Deborah” Colour from the Dark
  • Phil Hall Key Cast “Marish” Diane
  • Margaret Rose Champagne – Margaret – Inside Amy Schumer
  • Ellen Muth – Natalia – Dead Like Me


Full list of festival wins and screenings

  • Horror Bowl Move Awards
    Winner: Best Experimental Horror Feature
  • Independent Horror Movie Awards
    Winner: Best Music
  • Sweden Film Awards
    Winner Best Experimental Film
  • Thrills and Chills Film Awards
    Nomination for “Best Monster”
  • Horror Island Film Festival
    Best Horror Feature Nomination
  • Halluciana Film Festival
    Best Horror Film Nomination
  • Int. Independent Film Awards in CA
    Gold Winner: Best Original Score & Special Effects
  • Scream Queen Film Festival
  • Top Indie Awards
    Best Music & Best Spirit Nomination
  • International Sound & Film Music Festival
    Official Selection
  • Independent Horror Movie Awards
    Best Atmosphere Nominee
  • Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions at Pinewood Studios
    Official Selection